About Camp Shutter Speed


Camp Shutter Speed is the brainchild of high school teachers Leigh Anne Treistman and Stephen Green. In the spring of 2021, they discussed the need for photography experiences for children in the Montgomery County, Texas area. They decided to start a camp geared toward getting school-aged children excited about telling their stories through photography and Camp Shutter Speed was born.


We want our photography campers to walk away from camp with two things: First, a better appreciation about the art of photography and storytelling. Second, basic understanding about what makes good photography look good – composition, settings, lighting, and content.

This camp is designed for beginner and intermediate photographers. It’s designed for students ranging from those who’ve never touched a camera in their lives to those who may have some photography experience but without a firm grasp of photography techniques or settings. Advanced children who do have a good understanding of camera settings, photo composition, lighting, etc., MAY join the summer camp program, but should be aware our focus is on beginning and intermediate skills.


We have an exciting week planned for you this summer! Our camp will be hosted on the beautiful grounds of Esprit International School. Campers will participate in exciting photography activities and games that explore a variety of photography genres including: portraits, fine arts, fashion, architecture, nature, and food. You will learn how to create beautiful photographs through interactive lessons and will put your work on display for your camp friends and families to enjoy at our Photo Gallery at the end of the week. Bring your camera with you or rent one from one of our preferred vendors. Camp Shutter Speed is an experience where creativity and technology meet!  You will walk away with some great photography skills and great summer camp memories. Grab your camera, pack and lunch and join us at Camp Shutter Speed.